Custom Quests

Welcome to the custom quests page! Here, you can find a list of available quests and click on their names to learn more about each one.

  • Quero Quest

    Join Quero on a musical journey through the city of Thais and the Troll cave. Solve puzzles and collect notes and a flute to complete the quest. Recommended level 8+.

  • Mini Anni Clues Quest

    Beat the Ghosteyes and take your reward (lvl 35+).

  • Zerura Quest

    Take on the powerful Zerura and earn your reward (lvl 40+).

  • Arthur and the Round Table Quest

    Join the knights of the round table and complete the quest to obtain the legendary Pre-tier set (lvl 50+).

  • Custom BOH Quest

    A custom version of the Biohazard Outbreak quest (lvl 50+).

  • Eternal Leggings Quest

    Obtain the eternal leggings and prove your worth (lvl 100+).

  • Eternal Dungeon

    A challenging dungeon with four unique bosses, each with their own special abilities. The dungeon is filled with regular and custom monsters, and offers the chance to obtain special items from the bosses. Recommended for players level (100+).

  • Jungle Dungeon

    Explore the Jungle Dungeon and defeat the powerful bosses within (lvl 150+).

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