This is a list of useful commads you can use in game.

Command Parameter Description
!autoloot clear Clears your autoloot list. To add or remove items use the in game menus. See autoloot for more details.
!deathlist name Show a list of the latest deaths of player by name.
!snowball atirar|throw|info atirar|throw: Throw a snowball in the snowball event. Also works without parameter.
info: Show the current score of the event.
!vial on|off Choose whether you receive empty vials when drinking potions. Can also be used without parameter to toggle the current setting.
!online N/A List currently logged in players.
!buyhouse N/A
!sellhouse N/A
!leavehouse N/A
!uptime N/A Show how long the server has been up since last restart. Keep in mind that the server restarts automatically at 10 am UTC every day.

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