To open the autoloot window, press Ctrl + U or click the box icon (next to the bot button).

Adding items

There are a few different ways you can add items to the loot list:
  • Drag and drop any item into the loot list.
  • Click Add item and enter the name, then press enter or click Ok.
  • Right click any item in your inventory and click Add to autoloot.

Removing items

To remove an item from the loot list simply click the "x" next to the item in the autoloot window or right click an item in your inventory and click Stop autolooting.

Container sorting

By detault autoloot will look for any container inside your main backpack and put loot into the first container it finds (and any containers inside it) until it is full. If you wish to sort items into different containers, you can drag a container into the "backpack" slot next to the item. Autoloot will then search your main backpack for this container. If the designated container gets full, items will be put into the first available container.
Cascaded backpacks will be counted as the same color as the top backpack. In other words, the color only matters for the first backpack in the "tree", so you can put backpacks of any color you want inside the first one.

In the example on the right you can see that cheese will be put in the yellow backpack and gold in the blue one. Any item that does not have a container defined would be put into the yellow backpack, if that is full, it will go in the blue, then the green.
To clear the container for an item, just drag the container and drop it outside the Autoloot window.

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