We have some updates for you on this Monday

Mon Jan 9 18:20:10

  • We have updated the loot for all daily bosses, so be sure to check them out and see what new treasures they have in store.
  • A new shopkeeper has moved into the event shop with a wide selection of items available for purchase. Don't miss out on their offerings!
  • To add an extra level of challenge and strategy to your dungeon runs, we have removed the exit teleports from the dungeons. You'll need to find your own way out now.
  • The Unknown warrior's Helmet, Armor, and Legs have been added to the jungle dungeon bosses (King Arthur, The Enraged Thorn Knight, Dee Ceased). These rare items will give a powerful boost to any adventurer who finds them.
  • You can now travel from Zerura City to Darashia using the carpet. This will make it easier to explore different parts of the world.
  • We have fixed the issue that was causing the game to crash and apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. We hope this will provide a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.
  • The Cerberus quest has been resolved, and players can now receive rewards from both Cerberus and the chest he guards (on Sanths island).
  • The Shadow Pupil has been added to the Necromancers task list.

Thank you for your continued support.

​​​​The Eternaltibia Team

Fixes and updates

Sun Jan 8 14:22:07

We've made a number of exciting updates and fixes to the game that we think you'll love! Here's what you need to know:

  • Players will now receive a 20% experience boost every Sunday. Time to level up!
  • The supply stash at trainers is now fully functional, so you can restock on all the supplies you need for your adventures.
  • The reward for completing the Arthur and the Round Table quest has been fixed, so you'll finally get the prize you deserve for all your hard work.
  • The level 200 daily boss (Galeas) can now be entered and defeated as intended. Good luck!
  • The monster hunt message now correctly displays the name of the player who won and the number of monsters they killed.
  • Almandine's breath now gives the correct magic level boost.
  • The Fibula carpet now has PZ enabled, so you can travel to far-off lands in style.
  • The Fire Demance spellbook now correctly displays all the spells.
  • We've added a 30-minute spawn timer for jungle dungeon bosses to make the farming experience more challenging.
  • Eternal dungeon rewards for mages can now be carried by druids and sorcerers.
  • We've buffed the loot drop chance for skull mobs and nerfed their speed to keep things fair.
  • We've added several new spawns to the game, including Stonerefiner, Halls of Hope, and Ruthless Seven Minions.
  • We've also added new tasks for you to tackle, including Glooth Bandits, Rathelon Creatures, Falcons, Cobras, Skinwalkers, Carnivors, and Dream Elves.

Thanks for playing, and happy hunting!

//Eternaltibia Team

Welcome to Eternaltibia!

Thu Dec 29 09:59:18

Welcome to Eternaltibia, a thrilling PVPe server where players can test their skills and strategy against each other in a challenging and immersive game world. Here's what you can expect from the server:

Server Information:

  • Skills rate: 4x
  • Magic rate: 3x
  • Loot rate: 1x

Player versus player information:

  • World type: PVP
  • Kills for red skull: 5
  • Kills for black skull: 7
  • Time to decrease frags: 12 hours
  • White skull time: 15 minutes

Experience stages:

  • From level 1 to level 20: x5
  • From level 21 to level 50: x3
  • From level 51 to level 130: x2
  • From level 131 to level 10000: x1

We hope you enjoy your time on Eternaltibia and we look forward to seeing you in game!

More info in our wikia

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